Friday, May 8, 2015

How to Report a Problem with the Online Records at the Belgian Archives Site

Well, it is not as complicated as I had first thought it would be.
If you are an English speaker, you might be discouraged a little when you find the "English" page in Dutch but you will be glad to know the Reporting part is actually in English
So what do you do first?
At the top of the page on the right again, you will see
"Een vraag of een probleem melden"
This window will pop up
Fill out the form and choose "Other problems or questions"
Note that they require that you indicate the
- city - municipality or parish
- type of record
- year
I find that copying and pasting the link is always the easiest but here you need to make sure you note the page number that is giving you trouble "Image x of z" - at the bottom of the screen. It appears in different ink color, right in the middle
Type in the code and click Send  and they will notify you about what they will do to fix the problem.
Remember, it's a lot easier to report a problem then to wait for someone else to find the problem.
Best wishes!